Nightwish is of course my favorite band, and out of their first three albums, Wishmaster is definitely my favorite. She is My Sin has remained my favorite song that Tarja sang live, and is a masterpiece of pure metal. The darker and sadder songs, like The Kinslayer and Bare Grace Misery, are truly touching, while Dead Boy's Poem (one of my top favorites) literally moves me to the point of tears. Crownless is a piece of genius and has the most beautiful guitar solo by Emppu. Wishmaster is by far the most upbeat song of Nightwish yet, and perhaps that is why Wishmaster is on the setlist for every single gig. It's perfect for fans to get crazy and stomp their feet and beat their fists to the rhythm - I'm guilty as charged - and the famous misheard Wishmaster lyrics are hilarious. The entire album revolves around darkness, sorrow, fantasy, and misery, and is a stunning production of the most talented musicians alive.