Welcome to Swanheart, the TFL-approved fanlisting for Tarja Turunen, the talented Finnish soprano vocalist previously of Nightwish. This fanlisting has been owned by me, Xaari/Sherry, since December 2007 and was kindly passed to me by the wonderful Laura Lee, who had adopted it from Jessica, who had adopted it from Mercedes. It is listed at my domain, A Fanatic, my collective, Ethereal Roses, and also at The Fanlistings Network in the Musicians: Female category subcategory.

If you are a fan of Tarja Turunen, then please consider joining this fanlisting! My goal is to unite as many fans as possible. :)


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Please note that I am not Tarja Turunen, and I do not personally know her. This is a non-profit site and no copyright infringement is intended, for I am just a fan of Tarja and have no affiliations with her in any way.