Please read and obey the following rules before joining the Fire & Ice fanlisting.

1. You must be a fan of Itsuki & Shinobu Sensui. Duh!

2. You must provide your name, valid e-mail address, and country upon joining.

3. Use either your real first name (no last name) or a web alias. I don't want to see anything like fatchicken9572, xXaNgEl_GuRlXx, or Smelly Toes on the pending list. I may change your alias if I find it inappropriate.

4. You do not need a website to join, but if you have one and you want it listed at Fire & Ice, then you must link back. Use one of the codes provided, make your own code, or use a text link.

5. If your website is a porn, hate, or hentai-related site or contains anything illegal, I will not list it but you will still be added to the fanlisting's members list.