Resshuken (Fissure Kick Fist): An elegant fighting style that is only available to users that have mastered all other forms of martial arts and considered to be the strongest, most-elegant, style in existence. It relies on fast footwork and focuses on fending off all of the enemies' attacks with the arms and using the legs to counterattack with powerful kicks. By adding Spirit Energy to this style, Sensui created a new fighting style that he calls Reiko Resshuken (Spirit Light Fissure Kick Fist), which Kurama describes as "energy and style as one."

Resshu Ko Kyu Ha (Fissure Kick Crimson Ball Wave): By gathering spirit energy in his hands, Sensui uses a variation of the spirit gun, where he kicks the ball of energy at the opponent. It's strong enough to demolish an apartment suite. Never named otherwise in the English dub.

Splinter Resshuken (Fissure Kick Violet Blaze Shots): Generating a field of energy that coalesces into a minefield of tiny energy balls, Sensui then coalesces the balls into a single ball that he then kicks to his opponent. The scattershot effect of this technique effectively ensures that the opponent gets hit at least once.

Sacred Energy (Saint Light Energy): A special type of energy that is said to be the purest and most-powerful kind, which Koenma calls the highest echelon of power. He also said that achieving the use of this type of power takes at least forty years of discipline and grueling training. But Sensui managed to cheat by dividing the forty year-training requirement amongst his other personalities, effectively managing to achieve this pinnacle in just six years. He then added that an extra requirement was that people had to be receptive to this power and possess a desire to correct the world around them, operating on a higher plane and transcending the physical realm, all of which were qualities that even Genkai did not have. By wrapping himself in it, Sensui is even able to fly and shield himself from any kind of damage dealt from most, if not all, A-class fighters, as seen when Hiei uses the Dragon of the Darkness Flame on him and all it did was push Sensui before it.

Sacred Energy Armor (Energy Steel Combat Cloth): Surrounding his body with Sacred Energy, Sensui can create two forms of battle armor; one for defense, the other for offense. While using the first suit of armor, Sensui was able to dominate Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara (after their powers had equaled that of A-class demons). But despite all that, Sensui's Sacred Energy Armor was not strong enough to defend against the newly-revived Yusuke's supercharged Spirit Gun.

Twisted Twister (Fissure Break Wind Encampment Fist): Sensui first spins around extremely fast and creates a tornado. The tornado engulfs his opponent. Inside the tornado, the wind slices his opponent like a knife. This technique is very similar to Jin's tornado fist.

Energy Gun (Energy Hardening Gun): Never really named in the anime, both Japanese or English, this weapon is unique to the Sensui personality called Kazuya, the bloodthirsty killer created in the aftermath of the Feast of Human Vices that Sensui stumbled upon. When Kazuya comes out to play, Sensui's right hand is replaced with a gun barrel that automatically hardens Spirit Energy into the shape of a bullet. In the manga, this barrel simply protrudes from a cauterized stump, but emerges from a gunmetal mount that covers the stump of the right hand in the anime. The visible recoil demonstrated by this weapon indicates that this weapon is not meant for combat and, given Kazuya's sadistic nature, instead meant for up-close-and-personal torture sessions.