Sensui developed six other personalities to carry his various burdens, with the original personality staying pure. Three of the extra personalities are nameless, and the tasks for which they were created have never been mentioned in either the manga or the anime.

Minoru, orator and suave manipulator, is in control for most of the Chapter Black saga. He was created to persuade the six other psychics to join his cause.

Kazuya is a violent personality, formed in the wake of the breakdown Shinobu suffered upon crashing the Feast of Human Vices all those years ago. His emergence causes the formation of a gun barrel over his right hand, but he is not the strongest of the seven personalities. He says that he was created to do the dirty work; all the stuff that Shinobu and the others couldn't tolerate, much less do.

Naru is a childish and sensitive female personality, in charge of emotions and oftentimes emerges late at night to cry over the implications of the plan. But she appears to emerge only in front of Itsuki and, according to him, composes the most-beautiful poetry he's ever heard. This personality is the one that he loves, second only to Shinobu, and he goes so far as to imply that the two of them are in love.