First off, thank you for visiting this page and reading these words. Believe it or not, less than five percent of the unique visitors of My Inspiration even click on this disclaimer link.

Again, this page is just an elaboration upon the brief disclaimer section on the main page. I mean to make everything as explanatory and clarified as possible, but if you have any questions or concerns, just .

As I've already stated numerous times, I am not Roger Federer. I am just the person (webmistress) who owns and runs this fansite and fanlisting. I am not related to Roger Federer, nor am I a known friend of his. I am not affiliated with him in any way. In short, I am simply, and purely, just a fan (but a big one, so donít be mistaken).

My Inspiration is not the official site for Roger Federer. His official site is at RogerFederer.com, and a rather large fansite of his, though not official either, is at GoRoger.net. Because this fansite and fanlisting is not official or affiliated with the official site, don't bother me with any legal, promotion, advertisement, or other matters that I'm not interested in. This is a non-profit site. I don't want to charge anyone for anything, as long as all my terms are respectfully followed.

And just in case you might keep pestering me, I'll expand more on my disclaimer. Even though I am a major fan of Roger Federer, I have never personally met him. I do not know any of his personal contact information, so donít ask me for it. I do have a small record of the means and addresses that fans can send him messages, though a reply from Roger is not guaranteed. I am unwilling to disclose this information publicly because I have no right to, and besides, I wouldn't want to be the monkey in the middle and send all your pesky fanmail and spam to my favorite idol.

Next, I'll make it clear that I do not own any of the photographs displayed at the image galleries. I am not a photographer, and like I said, I've never been within ten feet of Roger. (If that was the case, then I would have kissed the very ground on which he walked.) The images are gathered from various Internet resources and fansites, which in turn had scanned many of the photographs from magazines and such and uploaded them. If you wish for me to take down any of the photos because you took them yourself or are the copyright holder, please read the terms first and then contact me. If you are the person who scanned the images or made any significant contributions, then just ask me to credit you for your work.

Thank you for reading my disclaimer. If I've missed anything important, then just let me know! :)