Welcome to My Inspiration, a fansite and fanlisting dedicated to the Swiss tennis superstar Roger Federer, approved by the Physical Fanlistings Network. My Inspiration is a production and part of the Ethereal Roses fanlisting collective. It is also the close sister site of Unyielding, a fansite and fanlisting for Rafael Nadal.

I am Sherry, more widely known as Xaari, the webmistress. I created this fansite and fanlisting on March 18, 2007 when I felt that I would explode if I did not share my love and knowedge of Roger Federer with the rest of the world. I am doing my best to improve and add more content to the fansite, as well as unite as many fans of Roger Federer as possible.

If you are a fan of Roger Federer, especially of his physical aspects (appearance), then please join the fanlisting! And take a look around at all the other stuff too, while you're at it. If you have any questions, feel free to . Enjoy and please visit again!


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Please note that I am not Roger Federer, and I do not personally know him. Do not send me any fan mail. I know some of his (fan-related) contact information, but I will not reveal any of it publically unless you contact me personally about it. This is a non-profit site and no copyright infringement is intended, for I am just a (major) fan of Roger Federer and have no affiliations with him in any way (I wish). Please read the disclaimer for more details. Thank you.