Welcome to the 'King of Clay', the TFL-approved fanlisting for the Spanish tennis superstar, Rafael 'Rafa' Nadal! A fanlisting is simply an online list of fans from around the world of a particular thing or person, in this case, Rafael Nadal. All you need to join is your name, a valid email address, and your country of residence.

This fanlisting comes in both English and Spanish. The navigational links display the language in which each page comes in.

Thank you so much, Honey, for letting me adopt the fanlisting for Rafa, my number one wishlister!! Hugs for Amanda, the first owner, as well and many thanks to both of you for letting me snag most of the existing content.

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I do not know Rafael Nadal in any way. I have never met him personally, I do not have his phone number/home address/e-mail address, do NOT ask me for them. I am purely and simply, merely a fan.