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Enticing // The David Tao (Tao Zhe) fanlisting
Musicians: Male: Tao, David (Tao Zhe)
Opened: 13th July 2007
7 members [+ 0 pending]

OME! // The Emppu Vuorinen fanlisting
Musicians: Male: Vuorinen, Emppu
Opened: 18th November 2007
236 members [+ 1 pending]

Vulnerable // The James Marsters fanlisting
Musicians: Male: Marsters, James
Opened: 09th December 2006
48 members [+ 0 pending]

 Because You Live
Because You Live // The Jesse McCartney fanlisting
Actors: McCartney, Jesse; Musicians: Male: McCartney, Jesse
Opened: 10th December 2007
76 members [+ 0 pending]

Checkmate // The Jung Yunho (U-Know) fanlisting
Musicians: Male: U-Know (Yun Ho/Jung Yoon Ho)
Opened: 25th January 2010
401 members [+ 0 pending]

 Dolphin Boy
Dolphin Boy // The Kim Junsu (Xiah) fanlisting
Musicians: Male: Xiah (Kim Junsu)
Opened: 29th October 2010
10 members [+ 0 pending]

Howl // The Marco Hietala fanlisting
Musicians: Male: Hietala, Marco
Opened: 07th March 2008
33 members [+ 0 pending]

Prince // The Nicholas Teo (Nicholas Zhang/Zhang Dong Liang) fanlisting
Actors: Teo, Nicholas (Nicholas Zhang/Zhang Dong Liang); Musicians: Male: Teo, Nicholas (Nicholas Zhang/Zhang Dong Liang)
Opened: 25th July 2008
30 members [+ 0 pending]

Suave // The Park Yoochun (Micky) fanlisting
Musicians: Male: Micky (Park Yoo Chun)
Opened: 21st February 2010
21 members [+ 0 pending]

 Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy // The Wu Zun (Wu Chun) fanlisting
Actors & Musicians: Male: Wu, Zun (Wu Chun/Goh Kiat Chun)
Opened: 20th October 2008
33 members [+ 1 pending]

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