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 The Executioner
The Executioner // The Anita Blake fanlisting
Characters: Book/Movie: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series: Blake, Anita
Opened: 16th September 2006
56 members [+ 0 pending]

Mastermind // The Broken Sword fanlisting
Characters: Book Movie: Hero (Ying Xiong): Broken Sword
Opened: 13th March 2007
12 members [+ 0 pending]

 Dark Lord
Dark Lord // The Sauron fanlisting
Characters: Book/Movie: Lord of the Rings, The: Sauron
Opened: 02nd March 2007
81 members [+ 0 pending]

 The Dark Ones
The Dark Ones // The Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse Vampires fanlisting
Characters: Book/Movie: The Twilight Saga: [+] Vampires
Opened: 20th January 2007
377 members [+ 0 pending]

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