I can't possibly describe in words how much I admire and love Marco and his musical talents. Marco, our favorite Viking-like bass player, male vocalist, and composer, is the one man who can "perform perfectly when drunk at two in the morning." His voice is the most beautiful I've ever heard, and can change from smooth and slow to heavy screaming metal. His vocals in songs like Phantom of the Opera and While Your Lips Are Still Red completely blow me away and make me addicted to those songs. And when Marco duets with Emppu live...well, be prepared for a wonderful surprise! I've never seen heavy metal guitarists hop around the stage, make bunny signs behind each other's backs while one's doing a solo, or stoop or tip-toe to match each other in height more. So much for Marco by default of appearance being considered the most scary-looking member of Nightwish and Tarot. He's a really sweet guy who even consents to kissing fans and has the greatest time drinking and making music, and I can't properly express how happy I am that he joined Nightwish after Sami left.