The Girl

Julie Mary's an amazing 18-year-old girl from Venezuela who loves...pretty much everything - Simple Plan, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and tennis just to name a few. She's an Aries (born on April 7th), has a brother, sister, and five birds, and graduated from high school in July of 2006. Julie is SMART as well! She's perfectly bilingual in Spanish, her native language, and English. Little miss perfect, just like Emma Watson, eh? *poke*

Ahem, I hope she doesn't mind if I share with you some of her little secrets. She's in luuuurve with Orlando Bloom and Jeremy Sumpter, and totally obsessed with the Harry Potter series. And what she wouldn't do to be squished by the guys from Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, and Panic! at the Disco! Oh, and not to mention the cast of Lost and Heroes, and her tennis idol, Andy Roddick!

Pssst, and she has a secret top 10 celebrity crush list! Hehehehaha, no doubt dear smexy Orli's at the top of the list. Julie will kill me if she reads this, but...pssstt...I don't think any of them are good enough for her! So there, go ahead and sue me. :D