The Friend

Dear Santa,
This Christmas I would like a friend who would care about me, be by my side through good times and bad, and laugh, cry, and smile with me every day.

Well, Santa (or rather me) says, Julie's the perfect friend for you! And she certainly is.

I first met Julie in January 2007 at the TFL Board. I remember her exact avatar/icon - a girl and a boy with a bike I believe - and she had 82 posts. I was very intrigued by the fact that she came from Venezuela. We were in the Off-Topic Chat: Real Life Chat subforum, posting in threads like "Sports, anyone?".

It took hardly a few days before we became good friends. We realized that we had some many interests in common (tennis was the first one), and we soon started bombing each other with comments on our profiles. Later, I began to poke Julie very, very hard to start applying for fanlistings, the greatest addiction on Earth. Finally, she bought the domain and soon afterwards started on her fanlisting collective.

Anyone who knows Julie - whether online or in real life - will at once realize that she is an extremely agreeable, amiable, and caring person. If anyone did ask Santa for a friend, I would definitely poke Santa to tell that person it would be Julie.