Welcome to Ethereal Roses, Xaari's fanlisting collective! This is just my feeble little attempt to organize my whole big list of current, upcoming, joined, and wishlist fanlistings.

I love my fanlistings to death and I don't ever plan to adopt them out unless, for some reason, I have to. So I've made a KIM (keep in mind) list of my fanlistings, and you can feel free to add yourself to it if you'd like. :)


My fanlisting collective was opened on August 20, 2006 when my lovely hostess Buruma allowed me to become a hostee. On August 6, 2007 my collective moved from er.buruma.net to fans.afanatic.org when Buruma bought me a shiny new domain. It was last updated on .

I currently own 69 fanlistings, with 0 fanlisting(s) on upcoming.
There are a total of 8503 approved members for my fanlistings and 8 member(s) still pending. I have joined 130 fanlistings that have already been approved, and there are 0 joined fanlistings still pending.
I have a total of 28 collective affiliates.

Last Update:

Hello and welcome to version four, the prettiest layout yet! Whoo! :D