Hiei has always been my top anime/manga wishlister, followed closely by the series he's from, Yu Yu Hakusho! I've been an avid fan of YYH since fourth grade, way back when it aired every weekday on Toonami on Cartoon Network. That was over six years ago. I remember I roleplayed as Hiei at recess every day at school with my best friend, and I could imitate his voice rather well! Every day after school I'd sit glued to the TV and watch Hiei kick the bad guys' butts and make cynical but hilarious side comments to his friends. I always cracked up at all his funny, snide remarks, such as "You're a team-player. A save-the-day-super-hero. I hate people like you." and "'Helping' is not the key word. The right word is 'baby-sitting'."

Of course, being a fire demon and master swordsman, Hiei's combat skills are incredible and it's simply eye candy to just watch him episode after episode. My favorite attacks are Dragon of the Darkness Flame and Fist of the Mortal Flame, and I always rewatch the episodes when he uses those attacks. I often feel childish for rewatching the entirety of Yu Yu Hakusho at least once a year, but this anime is utterly stunning and wouldn't be half as interesting without Hiei, our favorite hot-headed but caring three-eyed little demon.

Aside from his jokes and fighting abilities, Hiei is protective of his unknowing twin sister Yukina, and always adheres to his own strict code of honor. His cold personality results from his sufferings from a very tragic past - he was abandoned as a baby, and always had to fend for himself in a world of strangers and killers. However, Hiei is fiercely loyal to those who have helped him and develops deep respect for his teammates, including Kurama, Yusuke, and even Kuwabara (who's ignorantly head-over-heels in love with Yukina, his sister).

And yeah, that's probably only one percent of my million reasons why I love Hiei so much...words can't describe my sheer shining admiration (and adoration) of him. :) Hiei is by far my favorite YYH and anime/manga character, as I even bear a slight resemblance to him though I'm a girl - we're both short and have dark hair and like to wear bandanas!