So, curious wanderer, without further ado I present my (crazy) version of what fire means to me. :)

From childhood, Fire has always been my favorite of the Four Elements, and the only one I have felt truly attached to. I was born a Leo, whose elemental attribute is naturally fire. Anything at all, from candles to fireplaces to camp fires, has always given me comfort, warmth, and hope. I cannot describe in words how much at ease I feel just by seeing the flames, smelling the fumes, or hearing the crackling of what's burning (I haven't experimented much with tasting and touching, of course, but it's fun to swiftly swipe my fingers through my flames so that they pass through but don't get burnt).

In fandom and fiction, I've always loved anime/mangas, TV shows, books, songs, anything at all that includes references to Fire and the Four Elements. In Yu Yu Hakusho, the bitter but cute little fire demon Hiei is my favorite character, and I love all the combat scenes with fire attacks. In Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Four Elements is one of the main themes in the show, with each of the Four Nations (Water, Earth, Fire, and Air) wielding incredible powers from their respective elements. Prince Zuko and the rest of the Firebenders have always captivated my interest due to their spectacular pyrokinetic abilities. In anime and trading card games such as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! (oh, that was a long time ago) I always reserved a large portion of my army for the fire creatures. In Cardcaptors, Firey was my favorite card, and was the second to last one captured because it was one of the four elemental cards. I rewatched those episodes many times. My favorite books, the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series, also include many mentions of firebug arsonists who burned buildings at will and for fun; though I didn't particularly agree with their values, I loved the good portion of a few of the books devoted to fire.

So if there's any element to choose from, I'm all for fire. I've always been inspired by myths related to fire, such as the creation myth involving Prometheus, and love all astrological, historical, and religious references to fire as well. If there was any magical ability I could choose to wield, it would be pyrokinesis. I also find that I possess many of the traits present in Leos: I not only love the brilliance and warmth of light and fires, but also have a passion for adventure, creativity, and ambition. My personality also includes characteristics such as high spirits, much enthusiasm, direct honesty and openness, as well as individuality and self-expressiveness. That's me, the fire girl. :D