Ever Dream was the fourth Nightwish song that I ever listened to, and I fell in love with it immediately. It has long been my favorite of all Nightwish songs because of its beautiful piano introduction by Tuomas, a gorgeous solo by Tarja, and accompaniments on guitars by Emppu, drums by Jukka, and bass by Marco so grand that it either left me in tears or melted into my socks.

The best live performance of any band in the world, in my opinion, was Nightwish's performance of Ever Dream at the famous concert in Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland on October 21, 2005. A few seconds into the introduction when Tarja began to sing, Tuomas momentarily stopped playing his keyboard and sobbed into his arms, making the crowd go wild. Tuomas had cried because the beauty of the song and Tarja's voice reminded him that this was going to be Nightwish's last ever concert with Tarja, even though no one knew yet that at the end of the show that night, Tuomas and the band would fire her.

Looking back and watching the End of an Era DVD which recorded the concert, I always cried my head off because Ever Dream was such a majestic song. The little phrase near the end (Your beauty cascaded on me / In this white night fantasy), which of course Tuomas wrote for Tarja to sing, makes me think that Tuomas wrote the song just for her.

When Anette Olzon became the new vocalist of Nightwish earlier this year, I thought that many of the old songs, especially more emotional ones like Ever Dream, would never be performed live again. I was wrong, of course. Though doubtful at first, I realized that Anette is perfectly capable of nailing a perfect Ever Dream during concerts, and every performance is just as spectacular as the ones by her predecessor, Tarja. No matter what, Ever Dream will always be the song that first captivated my heart and literally made me burst into tears.