Why? / Miksi

Why is Emppu so awesome? Why do I love Emppu? Why should you love him too?

Actually, I always thought those were downright silly questions. When someone mentions a gorgeous blond guitarist with a famous wink who cracks hilarious jokes especially when drunk, you'd better be thinking Emppu or I'll come over and fix your brain! And if you tell me you've never even heard of Emppu before, I'll drag you to his own personal harem of Emppuholics on the Nightwish Forum, and they shall teach you. :D

So, in a nutshell: Emppu is my favorite, and in my humble opinion, the best guitarist in the world! He's my favorite member of the Nightwish band, and I always think of him whenever I hear one of Nightwish's inspiring songs. I admire Emppu for a great number of reasons, mostly his style, creativity, and high spirits, though of course I marvel at his talent and appearance as well. Emppu's performance in the music video Nemo just makes me cry, and yeah, I sometimes cry too when he comes over to duet with Marco Hietala or Tuomas Holopainen - tears of joy of course. Heh, that's just how much I love him. I find that we have a lot in common too - for example, the fact that we're both short. ;)

Honestly, Emppu's sense of humor is infallible. My favorite Nightmail question was "Do you want to have children one day?", to which Emppu responded, "Yes.. but not yet.. But actually I don't even no where to get them..?" Haha, that totally made my entire life. And oh how he huggles his precious purple guitar during gigs! Enough to make us all drool, and to top it off, all the camera time Emppu gets in videos like Over the Hills and Far Away just makes me melt into my socks. End of fangirling, I promise! ^_^

But oh, even the thought of Emppu makes me hyper, so let's continue! Not only does Emppu completely rock at guitar and have a laugh-your-head-off sense of humor, but he is also the sweetest, kindest, and cutest guy around! Emppu makes his entire family glow, and is oh-so-adorable himself when he holds his younger sister in his arms. And before or after gigs, he'll let any female fans huggle him, and then give them his famous wink and throw out a pick or two (who knows, maybe with his number on it)!

I could write about Emppu nonstop, but I'm pretty sure you're bored of my gushing and rambling if you even read this far. Overall, Emppu is the sweetest, most talented, and shmexiest guitarist on the face of this earth, and also our favorite metal elf! So there you go, my dear. You wanted to know why Emppu rocks and why I'm crazy about him. Now it's up to you to join me. :D