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Hello and welcome to OME!, the first and only site and TFL-approved fanlisting dedicated to the amazing guitarist Emppu (Erno) Vuorinen of the Finnish metal band Nightwish, as well as Brother Firetribe and Altaria!

This site and fanlisting has been owned by me, Sherry/Xaari, since November 2007. It is listed at my domain, A Fanatic, my collective, Ethereal Roses, and also at The Fanlistings Network in the Musicians: Male category.

In case you don't know, OME! stands for Oh My Emppu! because Emppu is a metal god. It's an inside joke of the Emppuholics on the official Nightwish Forum, and a term coined by us and only us. Come and hang around one day, and we shall convert you to Emppuholism in a second if you haven't already! ^_^

So, lonely wanderer on the Internet, enjoy your stay! Join the fanlisting, learn about Emppu, feast yourself on eye candy, snag an icon, and take a look at or submit fanart!


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Please note that I am not Emppu Vuorinen, and I do not personally know him. This is a non-profit site and no copyright infringement is intended, for I am just a (major) fan of Emppu and have no affiliations with him in any way (I wish).