Please read and obey the following rules before joining the Hunted fanlisting.

1. You must be a fan of Devil May Cry. Duh!

2. You must provide your name, valid e-mail address, and country upon joining.

3. Use either your real first name (no last name) or a web alias. I don't want to see anything like fatchicken9572, xXaNgEl_GuRlXx, or Smelly Toes on the pending list. I may change your alias if I find it inappropriate.

4. You do not need a website to join, but if you have one and you want it listed at Hunted, then you must link back. Use one of the codes provided, make your own code, or use a text link.

5. If your website is a porn, hate, or hentai-related site or contains anything illegal, I will not list it but you will still be added to the fanlisting's members list.