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Anne of Green Gables Series

Hello and welcome to Dreams Fulfilled, the TFL-approved fanlisting for the wonderful Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery. This fanlisting has been owned by me, Xaari/Sherry, since March 2008 and was kindly passed to me by the wonderful Brandi, who had previously adopted it from Michele. It is listed at my domain, A Fanatic, my collective, Ethereal Roses, and also at The Fanlistings Network in both the Literature and Movies categories.

If you are a fan of the spectacular, witty, exciting, and romantic Anne of Green Gables series, then please consider joining this fanlisting! My goal is to unite as many fans as possible. :)

I named this fanlisting "Dreams Fulfilled" because at the very end of Anne of the Island (my favorite passage), Gilbert Blythe asks Anne Shirley if she has any unfulfilled dreams. Anne, filled with emotion and love for Gilbert, replies as vaguely as possible, noting that life would be boring if all of one's dreams are fulfilled. I heartily agree with this, but also can't help but sniff and jump up and down every time I read this passage. And thus the origin of the fanlisting's name was born.


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